Infantile spasm

Kelly stared having an infantile spasm AKA seizure while her OT was here and she suggested i tape it so Gracie got the camera and we did. This is one of her worst ones she would have these "episodes" multiple times a day, each "flinch" is a seizure she would have hundreds of these"flinches" in a day before we started medicine. It breaks my heart so I'm hoping this will help others as well as let others know that the doctors didn't listen to us even thought we had told them time and time again EXACTLY what she was doing, but until they saw the video they did nothing, she was put on medication that afternoon and we have tried many in these last six months.
so whether it's seizures or anything that you think the Dr. should be concerned about take a video and SHOW them, they soon learn that the parents really do know best.

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